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Desire, Love, and Identity
Philosophy of Sex and Love
by Gary Foster
Review by Rossitsa Terzieva-Artemis, PhD on Jun 27th 2017

The Arrangement
by Sarah Dunn
Review by Christian Perring on Jun 27th 2017

Goodbye, Things
The New Japanese Minimalism
by Fumio Sasaki
Review by Christian Perring on Jun 27th 2017

Frank Ramsey (1903-1930)
A Sister's Memoir
by Margaret Paul
Review by John Mullen on Jun 27th 2017

Psychiatric Hegemony
A Marxist Theory of Mental Illness
by Bruce M. Z. Cohen
Review by G. Scott Waterman and Douglas Porter on Jun 20th 2017

Rick Sings
by Phil Taggart
Review by Patti Sacher on Jun 20th 2017

The Big Fix
Hope After Heroin
by Tracey Helton Mitchell
Review by Christian Perring on Jun 20th 2017

The Keeper of Lost Things
by Ruth Hogan
Review by Christian Perring on Jun 20th 2017

The Delight of Being Ordinary
A Road Trip with the Pope and the Dalai Lama
by Roland Merullo
Review by Beth Cholette, Ph.D. on Jun 13th 2017

Transgender Children and Youth
Cultivating Pride and Joy with Families in Transition
by Elijah C. Nealy
Review by Hennie Weiss on Jun 13th 2017

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful
A Novel
by Eric Lindstrom
Review by Christian Perring on Jun 13th 2017

The Animals' Agenda
Freedom, Compassion, and Coexistence in the Human Age
by Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce
Review by Christian Perring on Jun 13th 2017

Moral Brains
The Neuroscience of Morality
by S. Matthew Liao
Review by Michael Klenk on Jun 6th 2017

The Ethics of the Family in Seneca
by Liz Gloyn
Review by Wendy C. Hamblet, Ph.D. on Jun 6th 2017

No Place to Hide
DS Peter Gayle thriller series, Book 2
by Jack Slater
Review by Bob Lane on Jun 6th 2017

Tell Me Everything You Don't Remember
The Stroke That Changed My Life
by Christine Hyung-Oak Lee
Review by Christian Perring on Jun 6th 2017

The Routledge Companion to Free Will
by Kevin Timpe, Megham Griffith, and Neil Levy (Editors)
Review by William Simkulet, Ph.D. on May 30th 2017

Developing the Virtues
Integrating Perspectives
by Julia Annas, Darcia Narvaez, and Nancy E. Snow (Editors)
Review by Ben Mulvey, Ph.D. on May 30th 2017

Sex, Family, and the Culture Wars
by Mark J. Cherry
Review by Robert Scott Stewart, Ph.D. on May 30th 2017

The Undoing Project
A Friendship That Changed Our Minds
by Michael Lewis
Review by Christian Perring on May 30th 2017


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