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Monsters, Demons and Psychopaths
Psychiatry and Horror Film
by Fernando Espi Forcen
Review by Sharon Packer, MD on May 23rd 2017

The Multiple Realization Book
by Thomas W. Polger and Lawrence A. Shapiro
Review by Tuomas K. Pernu on May 23rd 2017

In His Time and Ours
by Élisabeth Roudinesco
Review by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, Ph.D. on May 23rd 2017

Universal Harvester
by John Darnielle
Review by Christian Perring on May 23rd 2017

The Construction of Human Kinds
by Ron Mallon
Review by Rachel Cooper, Ph.D. on May 16th 2017

Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy
by Patricia Coughlin
Review by Sebastian Petzolt, DPhil on May 16th 2017

Art and Politics
Between Purity and Propaganda
by Joes Segal
Review by Christian Perring on May 16th 2017

The Dollmaker
by Mary Burton
Review by Christian Perring on May 16th 2017

Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation
A Neurobiologically Informed Holistic Treatment
by Alexandra Katehakis
Review by Anna Westin on May 9th 2017

Learning from Baby P
The politics of blame, fear and denial
by Jessica Kingsley
Review by Wendy C. Hamblet, Ph.D. on May 9th 2017

Speech Matters
On Lying, Morality, and the Law
by Seana Valentine Shiffrin
Review by Bob Lane on May 9th 2017

Always Too Much And Never Enough
by Jasmine Singer
Review by Christian Perring on May 9th 2017

This Close to Happy
A Reckoning with Depression
by Daphne Merkin
Review by Jennifer Radden, Ph.D. on May 2nd 2017

The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience
Revised Edition
by Francisco J. Varela, Evan Thompson and Eleanor Rosch
Review by Lachlan Douglas Walmsley on May 2nd 2017

The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece
by Josiah Ober
Review by Lars Aagaard-Mogensen and Wassard Elea on May 2nd 2017

The Hearts of Men
A Novel
by Nikolas Butler
Review by Christian Perring on May 2nd 2017

The Virtue of Defiance and Psychiatric Engagement
by Nancy Nyquist Potter
Review by Claire Pouncey, MD, PhD on Apr 25th 2017

Children and the Politics of Sexuality
The Sexualization of Children Debate Revisited
by Liza Tsaliki
Review by Robert Scott Stewart, Ph.D. on Apr 25th 2017

On Betrayal
by Avishai Margalit
Review by Wendy C. Hamblet, Ph.D. on Apr 25th 2017

Racing the Devil
by Charles Todd
Review by Christian Perring on Apr 25th 2017


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