The Drum That Beats Within Us
By Mike Bond
Review by Bob Lane on Tue, May 14th 2019.
The Drum That Beats Within Us by Mike Bond"In The Drum that Beats Within Us, Mike Bond shares his deep love for our magnificent western forests, mountains and wild open spaces, and his profound expression of the joys and tragedies of love and of life's greatest existential questions." – from the introduction An award-winning poet and critically acclaimed novelist, MIKE BOND has been called the "master of the existential thriller" by the BBC and "one of the 21st century's most exciting authors" by the Washington Times. His widely loved novels and poetry depict the innate hunger of the human heart for the good
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The Female Persuasion
By Meg Wolitzer
Review by Christian Perring on Tue, May 14th 2019.
Meg Wolitzers's thirteenth novel is about young women and feminism. The main character is Greer Kadetsky, who we first meet in college, and then learn more about with flashbacks to her high school life and follow through her twenties, and then more quickly into her middle age. She is sexually assaulted at a party in her first year and the culprit, who also assaults several other students, is finally caught, but the college gives him a minimal punishment. This raises Greer's awareness of how women's issues are minimized and she becomes politicized, aiming to change society. She is led by her be
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The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer

The Minority Body
A Theory of Disability
By Elizabeth Barnes
Review by Tessa-May Zirnsak on Tue, May 14th 2019.
The Minority Body by Elizabeth BarnesPhilosophy and disability studies have long been thought of as having irreconcilable approaches to disability. This in part can be attributed to the philosophical tradition that excludes disabled people and renders them subjects of philosophical enquiry, without support from disabled testimony. Elizabeth Barnes has challenged this norm in this latest book, by using the same analytical tools too often used to delegitimize disabled voices ways of being to build a compelling case for why we should view disability as (at least) value neutral. Barnes argues that people with disability don't have tr
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Family Murder
Pathologies of Love and Hate
By Susan Hatters Friedman, M.D/Committee on Psychiatry & the Law
Review by Sharon Packer, MD on Tue, May 14th 2019.
To this day, stories about family murders seep into news media, public debates, film documentaries and semi-fictionalized films, and, of course, psychiatric case histories and criminal case law. As contemporary as it sounds, the concept of family murder dates back to the Bible, when Cain killed his brother Abel. Many Greek myths revolve around family murders. One such myth was immortalized in Francisco Goya's famed Black Paintings (1819-1823), which heralded the Romantic Era. "Saturn Devouring His Son" is Goya's gruesome rendition of the Cronos story. (The mythological Cronos was ren
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Family Murder by Susan Hatters Friedman, M.D/Committee on Psychiatry & the Law

Promoting Healthy Attachments
Hands-on Techniques to Use with Your Clients
By Deborah D. Gray
Review by Roy Sugarman PhD on Tue, May 7th 2019.
Promoting Healthy Attachments by Deborah D. GrayAs you will note from the title, this book is designed for psychologists and the like for use with their clients, rather than beginners who might be interested in Thomas Bowlby or babies sequestrated in hospital wards away from mum. As the blurb in the cover mentions, there is a lot of theory around attachment, including Suomi's continuing studies on monkeys and their ability to separate comfortably from the maternal guardians of the herd. Those that cannot tend to be those whose maternal history includes anxiety on separation, and thus do not venture far from the grazing parent, until placed
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Knowing Emotions
Truthfulness and Recognition in Affective Experience
By Rick Anthony Furtak
Review by Robert Zaborowski on Tue, May 7th 2019.
This is a nicely produced book (although the referencing is not always consistent), with an over 30-page bibliography, clearly structured in three parts, seven chapters, all pleasant to read. The first part is mainly polemical, the second is an attempt at repairing the current views, while the third, as long as the first and second taken together, contains more of Furtak's personal voice. In the first part (ch. 1 and 2) Furtak makes an effort to show that the traditional opposition between the rational and the passionate is misleading. It is wrong to consider rationality alone as trust
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Knowing Emotions by Rick Anthony Furtak

Criminal Trials and Mental Disorders
By Thomas L. Hafemeister
Review by Elly Vintiadis on Tue, May 7th 2019.
Criminal Trials and Mental Disorders by Thomas L. HafemeisterIn Criminal Trials and Mental Disorders Thomas Hafemeister, a law professor and psychologist, provides a lengthy and detailed discussion on how defendants with mental health issues are viewed by, and treated in, the US criminal justice system. Given that the aim of the US legal system is to serve fairness and justice for all, this is an extremely important book because a defendant's mental disorder can play a significant role in his being provided with a fair and just trial. This book is particularly relevant today when it is being increasingly acknowledged that mental diso
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Sex in the World of Myth
By David Leeming
Review by Christian Perring on Tue, May 7th 2019.
David Leeming surveys the role of sex in myth around the world. In 10 chapters he covers the whole ancient world, with some illustrations too. So this is a lightening tour of ancient cultures. There is a bibliography at the end but there are no notes and the book is aimed at a general reader. It is quite a feat to explain these stories in a context that makes sense of them. Leeming plunges into detail very soon, and those who are unfamiliar with world history and culture may find it all very confusing. For example, he starts off with Mesopotamian culture and goes into the story of Gilgamesh an
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Sex in the World of Myth by David Leeming



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