White Rage
The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide
By Carol Anderson
Review by Kaolin on Tue, Nov 21st 2017.
White Rage by Carol AndersonWhite Rage will interest you in attaining a greater truth regarding racism and the impact whiteness has had on the history of the U.S.A. while illustrating how daunting the Black experience of whiteness is within the system known as white supremacy which pivots us against one another.There are 289 pages including 82 pages of footnotes, a short section of recommended reading and questions for discussion. White Rage speaks to the current-day crisis in cross-cultural relations and the ways in which the Reconstruction while promising was stripped from the very beginning to suit the will of white
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Going Into Town
A Love Letter to New York
By Roz Chast
Review by Christian Perring on Tue, Nov 21st 2017.
Going into Town is a guide to moving to Manhattan and learning to enjoy it, although it would be equally good for tourists. It is a revised version of a booklet Chast created when her daughter moved to NYC for college. Chast wanted to explain the basics of how to get around town, what to do for entertainment, and how to appreciate the beauty of the city. It has a mixture of personal anecdote and facts about the city, illustrated in Chast's familiar style, along with a few photographs. It is entertaining and charming in its quirkiness. Chast highlights the standpipes which populate the city and
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Going Into Town by Roz Chast

Inclusive Ethics
Extending Beneficence and Egalitarian Justice
By Ingmar Persson
Review by Jonathan Lewis on Tue, Nov 21st 2017.
Inclusive Ethics by Ingmar PerssonWith his latest work, Ingmar Persson has developed extant ideas found in almost thirty publications produced during the last three decades. The result is an original, eclectic, highly provocative and, what he calls, 'revisionary' piece of morally-oriented thought, [Critics would likely argue against the claim that Persson posits a 'moral theory' due to the absence of any explicit theory of the right and any justified normative claims regarding the nature of moral evaluation and the strength of moral reasons.] one that strives to be systematic (despite Persson acknowledging its limitations) and
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A Fragile Life
Accepting Our Vulnerability
By Todd May
Review by Finn Janning, PhD on Tue, Nov 21st 2017.
The main argument in Todd May's book, A Fragile Life: Accepting Our Vulnerability, is that most of us would be unwilling to choose an invulnerable life even if we were given the opportunity. Of course, we all understand that in reality, it is impossible to live a life where we avoid all sources of pain. In his book, the author proposes that we should accept our vulnerability and acknowledge that the suffering is part of life. The question is: How do we develop that acceptance within ourselves? It is doubtful whether May is correct in his assumptions regarding what most people might choose or
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A Fragile Life by Todd May

Lillian in Love
By Sue Katz
Review by Kaolin on Tue, Nov 14th 2017.
Lillian in Love by Sue KatzLillian in Love is about an on-going romantic union between two women who have begun to come together to see if they can take their relationship to a higher level. One of the women, Lillian, had always been straight while the other, Sarah had identified as a lesbian all of her of her life. The cover of this 209 page romantic novel is extraordinary and a precursor for what is to come. Being in her eighties, 84 to be exact, Lillian moved to The Manor, a residence for seniors to be near Sarah. Lillian stays in a friend’s apartment at The Manor who has gone away for several weeks. One mig
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How and Why Are Some Therapists Better Than Others?
Understanding Therapist Effects
By Louis G. Castonguay and Clara E. Hill (Editors)
Review by Maura Pilotti, PhD on Tue, Nov 14th 2017.
In essence, How and why are some therapists better than others? Understanding therapist effects, a book edited by Louis G. Castonguay and Clara E. Hill, is a review of how little scholars and practitioners know about the contribution made by therapists to the effectiveness of psychological interventions. The term therapist effects has been specifically coined to label the impact of clinicians' individual characteristics, competencies, and actions on client outcomes, which can be statistically separated from the impact of type of treatment and clients' symptomatology (encompassing needs and sev
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How and Why Are Some Therapists Better Than Others? by Louis G. Castonguay and Clara E. Hill (Editors)

Testosterone Rex
Myths of Sex, Science, and Society
By Cordelia Fine
Review by Hennie Weiss on Tue, Nov 14th 2017.
Testosterone Rex by Cordelia Fine In Testosterone Rex: Myths of Sex, Science and Society, Cordelia Fine looks into the past, present and future research regarding sex differences and testosterone. Fine does not state that there are no sex differences among women and men, and does not state that testosterone does not play a role when looking at biological differences, but the overall message based on research is that these differences are often minute and in many ways do not display the stark differences that are culturally entrenched and part of popular belief. Fine therefore starts with past research. Studies of the past h
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Mathematical Doodlings
By Geoffrey Marnell
Review by Karl Pfeifer on Tue, Nov 7th 2017.
The mathematics of doodling is a very small subfield of mathematics, popularized by advocates like Ravi Vakil [1], [4]. Moreover, the renowned John Conway tells us his famous game of Sprouts, a game with significant mathematical properties, originated in some tea-time doodling with the aim of inventing a good paper-and-pencil game [2]. Also, doodles have a large presence in children's mathematical education, although there it is generally not because of their interesting mathematical properties; instead, the doodles are mainly eye-candy for the purpose of providing a context that's supposedly
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Mathematical Doodlings by Geoffrey Marnell



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