Knife Creek
A Mike Bowditch Mystery
By Paul Doiron
Review by Christian Perring on Tue, Oct 16th 2018.
Knife Creek by Paul DoironKnife Creek is a well-constructed detective story set in rural western Maine. It is narrated by Mike Bowditch, who is a Park Warden with responsibility for the local area. He and his girlfriend are in the woods getting chased by wild pigs when they stumble upon the corpse of a baby. Bowditch starts investigating by asking questions in the local area, and he makes another discovery, two women living in a remote rented house in seclusion, both wearing red wigs. The one who talks to him is hostile, and he is suspicious. But when he goes back to the house again to follow up, it explodes and h
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The Thorn Necklace
Healing Through Writing and the Creative Process
By Francesca Lia Block
Review by Perry Miller, PhD on Tue, Oct 16th 2018.
As narrated in her June 2018 interview, Francesca Lia Block is an accomplished writer with over 25 publications. Whether readers are encountering her work firstly in The Thorn Necklace or having a degree of familiarity with her prolific oeuvre, they will find in The Thorn Necklace a unique tapestry of themes, images, and voices woven together by a master storyteller in the presentation of her own life story. The book is unique in that she is not only presenting her life story but, in the recovery groups tradition of sponsor-sponsee guidance (which she also gently critiques)
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The Thorn Necklace by Francesca Lia Block

Scientific Ontology
Integrating Naturalized Metaphysics and Voluntarist Epistemology
By Anjan Chakravartty
Review by Justin Bzovy on Tue, Oct 16th 2018.
Scientific Ontology by Anjan ChakravarttyIn defending a voluntaristic conception of naturalized metaphysics, Anjan Chakravartty brings ancient skepticism to bear on contemporary scientific ontology. He considers scientific ontology to be inherently meta-scientific, since scientific practice underdetermines scientific ontology, but maintains that scientific ontology is not separate from science itself. This means that the work is more philosophical and less focused on case studies than much of recent philosophy of science. Scientific ontology focuses on metaphysical inferences and presuppositions that are sufficiently informed by or s
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Why Does Inequality Matter?
By T.M. Scanlon
Review by Harry Witzthum, PhD on Tue, Oct 16th 2018.
In his new book, the eminent moral philosopher T.M. Scanlon focusses on the topic of inequality and why it should matter to us. Indeed, on the face of it, inequality is a moral term with explosive political power that fuelled revolutions in the past. In the 18th century, the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote in his book The Social Contract very succinctly: "Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains. One thinks himself the master of others, and still remains a greater slave then they". Men are born as equals, but inequality is rampant. These words were the prelude t
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Why Does Inequality Matter? by T.M. Scanlon

The Character Gap
How Good Are We?
By Christian B. Miller
Review by Bob Lane on Tue, Oct 16th 2018.
The Character Gap by Christian B. Miller*"For a generous psychology. We help a person more by giving him a favorable image of himself than by constantly reminding him of his shortcomings. Each individual normally strives to resemble his best image. Can be applied to teaching, to history, to philosophy, to politics. We are for instance the result of twenty centuries of Christian imagery. For two thousand years man has been offered a humiliating image of himself. The result is obvious. Anyway, who can say what we should be if those twenty centuries had clung to the ancient ideal with its beautiful human face."  – Albe
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The Power
By Naomi Alderman
Review by Christian Perring on Tue, Oct 9th 2018.
This science fiction work addresses a feminist fantasy of women's great power -- an ability to deliver electric shocks. The novel, which imagines it is written in the distant future about their distant past, by a man, tells the story of how this power developed and how it changed history. But the events set basically in the current time with cable news and cell phones. It has many characters, in the UK, the USA, Africa, and South America. The three main ones are Roxy, initially a girl in England, Eve, a sort of nun in the American South, and Tunde, a reporter from Nigeria. Women gradually take
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The Power by Naomi Alderman

Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Volume 7
By Mark C Timmons (Editor)
Review by Adrian Staples on Tue, Oct 9th 2018.
Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Volume 7 by Mark C Timmons (Editor)The Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics Series is annual publication of new work from philosophers in normative ethical theory. It is designed for scholars and for students working in moral philosophy. This collection of thirteen essays is the seventh in the series, edited by Mark C. Timmons. The thirteen essays in this collection were presented at the 2016 meeting of the Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethics. The seventh volume of the series begins with a concise introduction to its contents. As promised, the contributions to the volume cover a wide range of current moral issues and
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A Minimal Libertarianism
Free Will and the Promise of Reduction
By Christopher Evan Franklin
Review by Kim Davies on Tue, Oct 9th 2018.
Franklin's A Minimal Libertarianism is an attempt to reconcile the scientific picture of ourselves as situated within the natural causal order, with the manifest picture of ourselves as having such control over our actions – or free will - as is required for moral responsibility and which underpins our practices of holding people morally accountable. This is to be achieved by: i) rejecting non-causal and agent-causal forms of libertarianism which seem to place humans outside the natural causal order ii) accepting agency reductionism, which reduces the causal role of the agent t
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A Minimal Libertarianism by Christopher Evan Franklin



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