The Meaning of Life and the Great Philosophers
By Stephen Leach and James Tartaglia (Editors)
Review by Kamuran Elbeyoğlu on Tue, Jan 8th 2019.
The Meaning of Life and the Great Philosophers by Stephen Leach and James Tartaglia (Editors)The meaning of life is an everlasting question searched by great many people throughout human history. The same question has been in the agenda of philosophers since Ancient times, since it is mainly a philosophical question, strongly tied to the conception of what a good life consists of. But as the editors of this enlightening collection of essays acknowledge, this topic is typically discussed amid so many other concerns, and under such a wide range of different terminologies, that it can sometimes be far from obvious that a particular philosopher’s view in the area amount to. Stephen
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Simple Recipes * Amazing Food * All Plants
By Henry Firth & Ian Theasby
Review by Christian Perring on Tue, Jan 8th 2019.
BOSH! is a vegan cookbook which avoids using the word "vegan" in its title or indeed anywhere on its cover, front or back. It is from the UK, and is written by the people behind, an vegan cooking website and YouTube channel that also does not highlight the vegan word. The book has a heft to it at 288 pages, nearly half of which are attractive photos of the food. It is healthy and multicultural, with a Creamy Carbonara pasta dish, a Mushroom Pho Vietnamese soup, Burrito Samosas, a Falafel Bowl, Tom Yum Soop, Peri Peri Hasselback Potatoes, Maki Sushi Rolls, and Big Bad Nachos, for e
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BOSH! by Henry Firth & Ian Theasby

Vegan Recipes from the Middle East
By Parvin Razavi
Review by Christian Perring on Tue, Jan 8th 2019.
Vegan Recipes from the Middle East by Parvin RazaviThis lovely book of recipes based on Middle Eastern food is impressive. The dishes it provides are relatively simple and the preparation is easy. Even for those who are familiar with food of one region may well discover dishes they had not heard of before. It will be fairly simple to find the ingredients so long as you have a well-stocked Asian or international market near you. There may be some exceptions -- I don't know how easy it is to find barberries, dried, lime, ras el hanout spice mix, or verjuice, I'm not sure where I would find pre-made vegan flaky pastry either. But most of the spic
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A Graphic Memoir
By Rachel Lindsay
Review by Christian Perring on Tue, Jan 1st 2019.
RX is primarily an account of Rachel Lindsay's working in corporate marketing for Big Pharma, getting sick of it, being diagnosed with a manic episode, and being hospitalized. It is a graphic work drawn in bold black and white panels. The style is on the crude side, but there's also something careful and controlled about it, with an economy that is pleasing. She conveys her emotions and thoughts powerfully with her art. She worked in New York City on the advertising industry on Madison Avenue, living in the East Village in 2010, having graduated from college not long before. She
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RX by Rachel Lindsay

Human Dignity and Assisted Death
By Sebastian Muders
Review by Bob Lane on Tue, Jan 1st 2019.
Human Dignity and Assisted Death by Sebastian MudersThe so-called distinction between active and passive euthanasia was challenged by the philosopher James Rachels in a paper first published in 1975 in the New England Journal of Medicine. In that paper Rachels challenges both the use and moral significance of that distinction for several reasons. First, he argues, active euthanasia is in many cases more humane than passive; second, the doctrine leads to decisions concerning life and death being made on irrelevant grounds; and third, the doctrine rests on a distinction between killing and letting die that itself has no moral significance. R
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Compassionate Moral Realism
By Colin Marshall
Review by Laura-Janett Vasile, PhD on Tue, Jan 1st 2019.
Most advocates of moral realism defend their view primarily by addressing objections and by pointing out the shortcomings of rival metaethical positions. Realists often assume that their view is the default position in metaethics and, therefore, do not undertake a full-fledged defense of moral realism by putting forward positive arguments in favor of it. Colin Marshall's Compassionate Moral Realism is an ambitious enterprise in that it aims to provide a positive case for moral realism. Marshall's core argument is twofold. First, he argues that there are certain irreplaceable epistem
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Compassionate Moral Realism by  Colin Marshall

The Oxford Handbook of Virtue
By Nancy E. Snow (Editor)
Review by Samuel LeBlanc on Tue, Jan 1st 2019.
The Oxford Handbook of Virtue by Nancy E. Snow (Editor)At 881 pages, this collection of new contributions on virtue ethics is a rich and timely addition to the recent resurgence of research in this fast-growing field. The seven-part volume addresses most of the key issues in virtue theory and is well divided for ease of investigation. The Oxford Handbook of Virtue (henceforth, The Handbook) is dived as follows: (I) Conceptualization of virtue (II) Historical and religious accounts (III) Contemporary virtue ethics and theories of virtue (IV) Central concepts and issues in virtue ethics and theories of virtue (V) Critical examinations
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Mrs. Fletcher
A Novel
By Tom Perrotta
Review by Christian Perring on Tue, Dec 25th 2018.
Perrotta's latest novel is a smart and entertaining investigation of modern social issues: sexual harassment, hook up culture, sexually appropriate experimentation, masculinity, gender norms, transgender, middle aged woes, parenting autistic children, and of course family life and its dysfunctions. He does all this with a multi-character cast led by Eve Fletcher. Eve is a divorced suburban mother whose son is heading off to college. She has empty-nest syndrome at first, but then she gets used to her new life, taking a community college class on gender and society and meeting lots of new people
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Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta



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